To register your Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Hamilton County please go to the PulsePoint site.

We will follow up with you via email to acknowledge we have received the information and to ask if you would like your AED information to be public or private.

If you elect to keep your AED private, no one other than us will be able to see the information.

If you elect to make your AED publicly available, users of the PulsePoint application will be able to see the location of the AED, the description of the AED location, and the picture (if included) of the AED’s location. They cannot see any contact information or contact names for the AED. Publicly available AEDs can make a life-saving difference for an individual experiencing cardiac arrest near you.

Through a partnership with Parkridge Medical Centers and Catholic Health Initiatives-Memorial, Hamilton County 9-1-1 is a participant in PulsePoint Respond. PulsePoint Respond is an application downloaded on wireless devices that alerts trained rescuers when CPR is needed nearby. Alerts are triggered when a 9-1-1 call is entered indicating CPR or cardiac arrest at a public location.

This application also alerts users to AEDs located near the incident to enable the application of quick defibrillation. If you choose to make your AED publicly available, yours can be one of the AEDs a trained rescuer can use to help save a life. You can also elect to receive a text and/or email notification anytime the AED is in the alert radius of a CPR or cardiac arrest call.

You may download the PulsePoint Respond application from either the iTunes store (for iOS devices), from Google Play (for Android), or by going here from your wireless device.

To learn more about PulsePoint Respond, visit this site.

To learn more about why it is important to consider making your AED publicly available, please see this video.