As a public service entity, Hamilton County 9-1-1 has a thorough hiring process. Successful completion of each phase of the hiring process is required to advance to the next phase and be considered for employment. The hiring process may take up to 12 weeks to complete.

  • Application

    Must be submitted online. It can be accessed on the Hamilton County Tennessee Government website.

  • CritiCall Testing

    The CritiCall Test is a computer-based assessment that measures if you have the aptitudes and skills required to be a Telecommunicator.

  • Applicant Orientation

    This will be conducted by a Training Specialist who will give you information and insight on Hamilton County 9-1-1 and the Telecommunicator position.

  • Panel Interview

    You will be interviewed by a panel of current Hamilton County 9-1-1 employees. In some instances, employees from our partner agencies may be on the panel.

  • Conditional Offer of Employment

    You have an offer of employment granted you pass the background check and follow-up testing.

  • Extensive Background Check

    A thorough background investigation will include reference checks of previous employers, personal contacts, family members, and other information.

  • Psychological Testing

    This includes the administration of a standardized test to assess your suitability for the position, as well as a standard interview with a licensed psychologist who has experience with public safety professionals. You will be contacted for scheduling.

  • Medical Testing

    A drug test will be administered, along with a physical. The physical includes vision and hearing checks. You will be contacted for scheduling.

  • Final Job Offer

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed the hiring process, and we are excited for you to start your career here at Hamilton County 9-1-1.

Note: The above hiring process is for Telecommunicator positions only. The hiring process for other positions i.e. Administration or Information Technology will consist of the following phases: Application, Panel Interview, Extensive Background Check, Medical Testing, and Final Job Offer. The hiring process for these openings typically takes 2-3 weeks.